Don’t be afraid to stand out

“No darling, you don’t fit in. But that’s because you were made to stand out”

If someone makes you feel like you don’t belong, stand strong and belong where you please.

If anyone makes you feel like you don’t fit in, wear your presence like a badge of honor and respect that you are different.

If anyone tries to dim your light, don’t be afraid to shine even brighter in their face.

We are all beautifully and uniquely made.

Separation and division are tools used by people who need to feel superior… but the truth is, we are all superior, we are all light, and good, and amazing and descendants of God.

Don’t forget to see the beauty in who you are just because no one around you will acknowledge it.

Acknowledge your self

Especially in dark rooms filled with people who expect you to fade into the background.

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