Cultivating The Right Mindset

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't... you're right" -Henry Ford


You take your mindset with you EVERYWHERE!

If you don’t have your mindset right then you might as well not even show up. 

Half of the battle is going to always take place in your mind first. If you get this part right, then you will have a much easier time achieving your goals.

Believe you can do it, show up, then execute! 

That’s truly the secret to success.

Like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right!” 

Your attitude and perspective set the situation. 

Being negative about something before you’ve even start can produce MASSIVE premature failure. Remember that when you are outlining your goals.


Times have been really hard in the 2020’s, we’ve experienced a world wide pandemic, everything seems to be more expensive than ever, and social gatherings no longer are as fun as they used to be.

Things change as time changes and so do our desires, hopes, dreams, and goals.

It’s okay if your goals are not the same as they used to be before. 

You are a different person now than you were in the past. 

You may still have the same name and DNA, but your collection of experiences over the past years have molded you into someone new, and that’s okay!

That’s better than okay, it’s FABULOUS!

We have to make sure that the goals that we make for ourselves align with the person that we are today, not the person that we were 5 years ago.

For instance, if you are married and have kids in the suburbs you are going to value very different things than if your were childless and single in the city. 

It’s okay to grow and to like new things. 

Just make sure that the goals you are setting now in your every day life are in congruence with where you reside today and where you want to go tomorrow.


Now that you have a goal in mind, make sure you map out how to get that goal achieved. 

Ask yourself, “What do you want?”

Answer honestly.

Now how would one go about getting that? 

(Go into great detail when answering this.)

Write out your answer in a step-by-step format. 

From end to beginning – you read that right.


Making sure to put your “step-by-step” blueprint goals in your calendar is so important. By taking small, sensible action every day, you will achieve your goals in no time!

Want to lose weight? 

Put the right actionable steps into your schedule. 

Squeezing in your workout is vital in seeing progress. Maintaining proper nutrition is paramount. Drinking sufficient amounts of water is recommended. 

Make time for the things. Do the things. 

And don’t make excuses. 


Everyone could benefit from an accountability partner. 

Even if that’s not your thing, making little notes on your phone or reminders in your calendar to stick to your goals is so important in maintaining the right mindset for what you are wanting to accomplish.

Being your own boss (for example) is not necessarily the easiest thing for everyone to do, especially if the entrepreneur spirit is not something that comes to you naturally. 

Don’t get discouraged in your process, just figure out what works best for you and commit to making it work.


Being able to listen to yourself and check in with how you feel is a big part of understanding whether or not you are on the right path to true happiness or peace.

Finding quiet time to reflect throughout your day or even to pray in silence is vital in making sure you are able to work through your emotions, feelings, desires, or setbacks.

Sometimes speaking aloud or even writing things down can help in the process of understanding what is going on inside of you, even when you may not understand it yourself. 

When you read what you’ve written in your journal or listen to yourself out loud, it helps put things in perspective and you can validate whether or not you agree with what you are saying or writing.


Doing your own personal research about who you are and how you work as an individual is something I have found to be very empowering and enlightening.

Of course, this is a personal opinion and is not required in achieving your goals, but could prove beneficial in maintaining the right mindset.

Whether that’s taking your enneagram test, getting your astrological chart read by an astrologer, or maybe even looking into your human design

I find that when you better understand the different elements of what make you uniquely you, you can consistently show up in the world as a better version of yourself.


When trying to achieve goals you can feel super motivated and on fire in the beginning, but the momentum tends to taper off as you continue moving week by week. 

Just like “treat meals”  – we need to reward ourselves for doing the damn thang!

(I like to say treat instead of cheat when it comes to having an indulgent meal, because cheat implies we are doing something wrong when treat implies a well deserve reward)

Letting yourself have a day where you just relax and eat what you want (within reason) and just do whatever you want to do – is a huge part in truly enjoying your moments for what they are and where you are in your process. 

This will help you find happiness and fulfillment throughout your journey of “achieving”.


Some companies require yearly evaluations for their employees to see how successful that individual has been within the company, and if the position is being appropriately filled by the correct candidate. 

Having your own “self evaluations” would be prudent in seeing the trajectory of the goals you had set for yourself from the start.

Splitting these evaluations into 4 quarters within the time frame you want to achieve said goal, will help you stay on track and course correct as problems occur.


Being in alignment is a lot more than just “woo-woo” talk about chakras and other spiritual jargon. 

Being in alignment also infers that you are doing things that align with your moral compass. If something feels “wrong” or “bad” or “immoral” it is important to check in with yourself as to why it feels that way.

Doing things that align with your internal compass is vital in living a life that is good, happy, and fulfilling. 

If you begin to live out of alignment, it’s ok, just try your best to get back on track and forgive yourself for not being perfect along the way.


Now the last piece of advice I have to give, is to actually finish what you have started. 

Achieve that goal.

Or do everything in your ability to do so.

We won’t always accomplish everything that we set out to in life, and that’s okay. But we sure as hell should try our best and give it our all. The cookie will crumble how it was meant to, sometimes our dreams don’t come true in the way we had wished them to, but that doesn’t define who we are as individuals.

At the end of the day, it is your life to live – your prerogative to decide.

You can set goals and crush them…

Work hard on achieving your dreams…

Or just simply watch the time pass you by… 

However you choose to live your life is just that – it’s your choice to make. I hope that you make ones that you are proud of.

Remember, you got this!





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