Be Your Own Damn Cheerleader!

This podcast was made for you! I went through a lot of different experiences in life but one of my most difficult challenges were when I was in the professional cheerleading world.

After auditioning to be a part of a widely known NFL team in Dallas, I was ridiculed, humiliated, and defamed on international television… This led me down a destructive path of self medicating and ignoring the fact that I was traumatized and was being mistreated.

Years passed by and I began to self sabbotage almost everything in my life, seeing my life crumbling before me, I knew I needed to find a solution. I needed help.

So, I turned to God, to the church, to Jesus and tried to fill up my heart, mind, and soul with as much scripture and worship that I could. I researched holy scripture more than I ever had before… and then I stumbled across the conscious awakening.

As I began to study religions and their differences, challenging myself to try to understand who was right and who was wrong… I began my spiritual journey and started to heal on a new levels that I never knew existed before.

In this show, I share my personal experience, knowledge, love, and wisdom that I’ve accumulated over the years in a comedic and interesting way. I hope you love it and that it brings so much value to your life. I love you, friend. Enjoy!

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